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Benefits of Raw Feeding

There are Many Lasting Benefits of the BARF Diet Raw Dog Food Lifestyle

Our raw meat 8 oz patties are flash frozen and conveniently packaged in zip lock poly laminated film bags with 12 patties in each bag. We offer a variety of protein sources - lamb, chicken, beef, and our popular combo - each with a particular targeted benefit to enrich your dog's health. Enhance your dog's overall health with our raw diet for dogs.

The BARF DIET™ should not be referred to as being “Complete and Balanced” in any absolute sense. The best that can be said is that the BARF DIET™ is nutritionally sound and nutritionally adequate. This means - in addition to containing those nutrients which “must be present” in processed pet foods, the BARF DIET™ also contains many other essential nutrients. These are the nutrients found only in whole raw foods. Furthermore, all of these nutrients are present in their biologically available form. In other words, this is a diet that goes well beyond the standards laid down for modern processed pet foods.