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Food Allergies? - Go Raw

So many of today's dogs suffer from food allergies. A raw food diet could be the solution to your pet's suffering.

The Answer to an Allergy-Free Dog

Before commercial pet food hit the market our dogs did not suffer from allergies, itchy skin, hot spots, chronic ear infections and other diseases. They didn’t eat dry kibble or canned food. Back then dogs ate what they found outside on the farm or in the garden - maybe even some "table scraps" would be thrown their way. In fact most of what they consumed was from raw kill such as pheasant, rabbit, lizard and the like.This was a simply nutritious and ancient diet that Mother Nature intended... not full of additives, preservatives and flavorings. 

Your Solution for Dog Allergy Symptoms

Your pet’s allergies are likely to be caused by food or environmental factors.  If allergens are aggravating your dog, it’s a clear sign that your dog’s immune system is compromised.  A weakened or hypersensitive immune system is likely to have multiple allergy triggers: fleas, food, pollen, grass - you name it! Could the secret to ending allergies in dogs, be as simple as changing your pet’s diet? The answer is YES!  When we humans develop allergies to certain foods, we make the conscious decision to remove those foods from our diet.  Unfortunately, our pets cannot do this themselves - so as responsible pet parents, we must do it for them. 

“I Saw A Complete Change In Rio’s Skin And Coat After A Month.”

”I adopted a 3 week old Schnauzer mix whose mama was rescued from a puppy mill. When I brought Rio home he kept scratching and looked very uncomfortable. I wasn't sure if it was the food the rescue group had him on or not. I immediately went onto the web searching for better, natural food to give him. That’s when I found BARF. After I ordered it, I saw a complete change in Rio's skin and coat after a month. He completely stopped scratching and guess what? His breath doesn't even smell. He is now 8 months old and he love's his food. He will do back flips for it.”-Valentina Rovaldi from Hartford, CT

“She Has The Attitude And Looks Of A Much Younger, Happier Dog!”

“From the day I adopted Sheena she has been a picky eater and I had trouble finding a diet that she enjoyed. I tried many different holistic diets and while some appealed to her, over time she developed allergies that became increasingly worse. The allergies became so bad that I would take her to the vet once a year for cortisone shots to relieve her condition, which only temporary relief from her symptoms. But her allergies didn’t go away; they continued to a point where her skin became extremely dry and she developed a hot spot.

I found a local distributor of BARF food and decided to try it on Sheena, hoping that her condition would improve. The first thing I noticed was that she loved the food – no more picky eating! Then, after only a couple of weeks, I began to see a dramatic improvement in her skin condition. Her coat returned to the smooth and silky hair she had when I first adopted her, and those dreadful hot spots never returned. Sheena has been on the BARF diet for a year and a half now and believe me she doesn’t act like a 10-year-old dog. She has the attitude and looks of a much younger, happier dog!” -Joanne Fanizza from Massapequa Park, NY

“His Attitude Changed...”

“Noah could not stop itching, and his attitude was very bad. He was in training constantly, give him an inch and he would take a mile. The only thing that stopped his itch was prednisone and antibiotics for sores. This went on for over 2 years and then I found BARF! The more I read the more I did for this dog. Raw everything! Noah did end the cycle and end the meds. His attitude changed and he is the sweetest dog who loves everyone. My friends come over to see him first.” -William & Terre Pallesch from Brentwood, NH